Fall Recruitment 2019

Join Delta Sigma Pi

If you have any questions about recruitment please use this form to contact our Senior Vice President, Alexis Fallow. If you are looking to apply, please fill out the form on the bottom of this page titled "Recruitment Application." The deadline to apply for Fall semester 2019 is September 13th at midnight.

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  • Minimum 2.5 GPA

  • Business or Economics major with at least 3 semesters left (1 semester for pledging, 2 semesters after initiation)

  • Driven and motivated student looking to develop yourself and gain valuable knowledge

  • Completed all requirements of the recruitment process

Recruitment Process:

  • Find us in your classrooms, Main/Side Street, CH 481, or contact us during the first couple of weeks of each semester

  • Join us at an Information Meeting and Prospective Events

  • Complete an application and sign up for a Professional Interview

  • After your interview, you will receive a call from our VP of Pledge Education letting you know if we would like to invite you to pledge with us

  • Attend the Pledging Ceremony and weekly pledge meetings

  • Following an initiation ceremony, you will be a Deltasig. Regular meetings are held Thursdays at 7:30pm in the Atwood Memorial Center.


  • There is a one time initiation fee (approximately $136)

  • Once initiated, Brothers pay semesterly fees of $42.50 General Dues and $57.50 Fundraising Dues

  • Please note: All dues can be fundraised during the course of the semester through fundraising activities.

Recruitment Application

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