Theta tau Leadership Fund

Theta Tau is excited to announce the launch of the Theta Tau Leadership Fund. The Fund, established by Theta Tau alum Steve Lambros #116, is a professionally managed fund through Delta Sigma Pi’s Leadership Foundation. Delta Sigma Pi helps develop brothers into strong community and professional citizens. The Leadership Fund was established to support this purpose through educational and professional programs and scholarships that enhance the development of Theta Tau Brothers.“The experience gained and memories cherished during my years as a Theta Tau Brother will never be minimized nor forgotten. For these reasons and many more, I’m excited to be a part of the Theta Tau Leadership Fund and hope all alumni also consider being a part, supporting brothers with their journey to be solid professional and community members.”

Steve Lambros, Theta Tau #116

“As a student of business and commerce, I have been taught to capitalize on beneficial opportunities when they are presented. When hearing about the proposed Leadership Fund, I quickly recognized it was a worthy cause to get invested in – both in terms of time commitment and chapter financial commitment. Establishing and endowing the Theta Tau Leadership Fund will provide future Theta Tau Brothers professional opportunities for years to come that will only help to strengthen each individual member, and in doing so, strengthening the chapter as a whole as well. It has brought a great sense of pride to see many of the Collegiate Brothers embrace this opportunity and put in so much time and effort to help turn the Leadership Fund possibility into a reality, and I look forward to future generations taking advantage of the professional development opportunities.”

Jordan Serbus, Theta Tau #775

Mission Statement

Enrich the journey of Theta Tau brothers through education, experience, and brotherhood to develop leadership skills resulting in a positive impact on the Fraternity, profession, and community.

Uses of the fund include:

  1. Grants to Theta Tau Chapter for participation at nationally sponsored Delta Sigma Pi educational events. (LEAD, GCC, Provincial and Regional Events, etc.)

  2. Grants to Theta Tau Chapter for professional development events on and off-campus, which may include professional speakers brought to campus, touring or attending professional events at businesses off-campus.

  3. Annual scholarships to collegiate members in good standing of the Theta Tau Chapter who are pursuing their undergraduate degree and returning to the chapter in the fall term following award.

Thank you in advance for your support! 

Any questions may be directed our Vice President of Investments, using the form to the right.

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Electronic Contributions

Electronic contributions can be made by clicking this link and following the instructions listed below.

  • In the ‘New Gift Information’ section select “Designate my gift for special interests’

  • Under ‘Designation’ select “Chapter Leadership Funds”

  • Under ‘Investing In’ select “Theta Tau (St. Cloud State (MN)) Leadership Fund”

Contributions made through the Leadership Foundation are tax deductible.

Mailed Contributions

Mailed contributions should be sent to:

Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation
330 South Campus Avenue
Oxford, Ohio 45056

Checks should be made out to ‘Delta Sigma Pi Leadership Foundation.’ Remember to note ‘Theta Tau Leadership Fund’ in the memo if you would like the contribution to go to our chapter.